If your organization is like SCORE, a non-profit organization who is constantly looking for funding, perhaps it’s time to look at new methods of raising capital.

The truth is that SCORE, just like many other non-profit organizations, rely on individuals and companies for help throughout the year. Through partnerships and affiliations, grants are received, donations are made and yes, even the SBA in SCORE’s case funds the massive undertaking of SCORE’s mission to the tune of millions of dollars per year.

However, each and every year, the need for giving by these organizations are surpassed by funds received. This economy for instance, has made it extremely difficult for many non-profits to raise money, and this is unsettling.

It is for this reason that non-profits and not-for-profit organizations must expand their fund-raising efforts to include referral-based incentive income (RBIC).

RBIC programs are normally offered by companies who offer referral programs. Through the use of Internet-based technology, major corporations like Amazon, Intuit and many others, can pay a referral fee when someone buys due to your organization’s referral.

In the case of the Orange County NY Chapter of SCORE, they have made arrangements to get 50% of the first month’s premiums for a suite of Internet tools and resources offered by a company named Global Virtual Opportunities. These tools are needed by business owners everywhere. Their low-cost, high quality and effective use of the tools, appeal to business owners. This makes it easy for small business owners to register and utilize these easy to use tools.

The longer the small business owner utilizes these tools to promote their business, the better result the business owner gets, and the longer they’ll continue to use the tools. GVO will pay SCORE a portion of the monthly fee as long as the business owner uses the service.

Can you imagine how well fund-raising would work for your organization if you referred a high-end product or service by a third party, that continues to grow as more of your referrals take advantage of the RBIC?

RBIC can generate thousands of dollars in monthly, recurring revenue. This is a win-win-win scenario because in this case, your organization would win, the business owner (or consumer) would win, and the company being referred would win as well.

There are thousands of companies offering referral-based incentive income for your organization. The terminology can be termed “affiliate program”, “incentive program”, or “referral program” .

The internet now makes it easier for your organization to raise funds. Technology allows it to track everything faster, easier and more accurately than any other time in the past.

Look into different products and services that companies are offering, that are of value to your target market. Then, become an affiliate or representative of the company. It’s free to do, and it will not tie up any of your resources in fulfillment, customer support, or inventory.

If you are a business owner, and would like to take advantage of some great promotional tools that will help you grow your business, please visit orangescore.gogvo.com. If you take advantage of GVO’s Internet Marketing services, the Orange County NY Chapter of SCORE will receive $44.95 per person that registers and pays in full in the month of February. They have a $1 trial for you to see how their services fit your needs.

SCORE does not normally promote one company over another. Therefore, here are other companies, you can register with that will provide similar services. SCORE will not receive a referral incentive for any of the following companies: www.aeWeber.com (email marketing system), www.LiveStream.com (video hosting), www.GoToMeeting.com (web conferencing).

As a non-profit organization, it is your duty to look for new ways to fund yourselves. Offering someone else’s reliable, quality services, at no cost to you seems like a viable way to do it.