A Blog is short for Web Log. A Blog allows you to communicate with the world by simply typing your thoughts on a Blog board just as if you were typing into your favorite word processing program.
When typing within a Blog, you don’t need to know any type of programming, and you don’t need to know much about the Internet. All you need to know is that a Blog allows you to type in your information, and this in turn can mean that you’ll save money, make money, and possibly feel better about yourself.

So, how can you save money with a Blog? Simple. You can create a Blog (I’ll tell you how in a minute) and link it to your existing web site. If you’ve hired a web designer to create your web site, you are most likely also paying for updates. Starting a Blog will allow you to update that specific section of your web site, without incurring additional costs from your web master.

How can you make money with a Blog? It’s simple. You can keep your prospective clients, as well as past and existing clients informed of new trends. The trends will cause them to make informed decisions, some of which may be beneficial to you both.

The best part about Blogs is that you can set one up within minutes—for free.

You can visit http://www.blogger.com/, or Yahoo Groups and start a Blog today. If don’t like any of those two, you can simply search Google for other blogging services and you’ll see some free and fee-based ones.

Whether you create a free Blog, or pay to have one is completely up to you. The drawback to the free Blogs is that your content belongs to the Blog posting service. This means that they can moderate, or even delete a Blog that does not meet their posting criteria. Another thing is that you don’t know how long the service will remain free. You may have to accept someone else’s ad in the future. The ad in turn can be from a competing product or service.

Your best bet is to purchase blogging software and host it on your existing web site hosting account. If you currently don’t own a web site, you can open a hosting account at http://www.aedomains.com/ and link the Blog to the site you create with that service.

Instead of purchasing, you can also get a free copy of Word Press by going to http://www.wordpress.org/. This is open source software that you can install on your hosting account for free. A good hosting account will make the installation of a blob, push-button easy. However, modifying your blog to fit the look of your site is a bit more difficult to do if you are not a programmer.

If you set up your own Blog, you can also add images, audio, and video. Adding video to your blog is also called “Vlogging” and you’re going to see a lot more of that in the near future.
As a matter of fact, Vlogging is still very new now, and any business owner doing it, will appear to be way ahead of their competition. Naturally, there is a right way and wrong way to go about Vlogging. The right way, is to start out slow and get a webcam, and simple video software. You can get a web cam for as little as $20. The video editing software can cost about $100 on the average. However, most new PCs come equipped with Windows Movie Maker, and Macs have their own free version of video editing software.

If you start Vlogging, you will attract more people than anyone with a generic Blog. However, simply having a Blog that creates interaction with your potential customers and can also produce positive results.

After starting a Blog, whether it’s free, or for a fee, you must register your blog with on-line Blog directories. This is called “Pinging” your Blog. You can easily do this by going to http://www.ping-o-matic.com/ and registering your Blog there.

Now that you know what a blog is, let’s talk about the 7 ways a blog can grow your business…

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